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Just Do It! You Can’ Publish Your Own Book

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Toby To The Rescue

Just Do It! You Can' Publish Your Own Book

D YOU CAN' PUBLISH YOUR OWN BOOK! Is a well written book that will teach you to publish your own work. You will learn that to Self Publish is relatively easy, but finding all the information that is scattered all over the Internet could take a long time. This book has all of the basics covered.It provides the information that will help you to get your book published in no time. Here are some of the chapters that you'll find inside the Book - How to Self-Publish - Distribution - Is a website important? - Building an e-mail list - Authorship - Easy Publishing - Kindle Unlimited - Book marketing - Tips and much more… Having gone the route of having a traditional publisher as well as self-publishing my own work. I decided to save you some time and money by putting all the information that you might need to get yourself started in the world of self-publishing into an easy to read book. I know that it can be a daunting task to try and figure out which route would be the easiest and or most feasible.That is why I wrote this book. Everything you need to know to get started is right here. Self-publishing has never been easier than now..

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