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What a Year!

W hat an awesome year 2018 turned out to be. We got married, we visited the UK and Book sales have been good. I am so excited about 2019! it is going to be Epic!! There is a plan for a new Toby book, I have just launched the Toby clothing range which is really awesome and we're planning on visiting the YK again but this time we will be making a turn to the great Country of Scotland...

TobyBooks Clothing Range!!

W e are very proud and excited to announce that TobyBooks has expanded they range in that we don't only provide premium books for Children but that we also provide a range of clothing. At first, we have only T-shirts in our range but will soon expand to other items of clothing such as sleepwear. s

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Toby Makes a Friend Cover

Toby Makes A New Friend

A very important part of any child’s developement is that they, as soon as possible get an opportunity to develope their social skills. One only has to look around the workplace to see that some grown-ups would have turned out very differently if they had such an opportunity. The idea behind this book stems from that very idea.
Toby's big surprise featured image

Toby’s Big Surprise

Toby;s Big Surprise Toby gets a new shiny bell. He soon becomes boastful and says mean things to his friend Maggie. When they decide to go and ask Mr. Brightly who’s is better, Maggie’s Shiny foghorn or Toby’s new shiny bell. Toby learns that it is not good to like someone because of the things they have, but that it is important to like someone for who they are. Just because you have something new or nice, it does not make you better than anyone else.. The Beginning of Toby Toby’s Big Surprise was the very first book in this series that I wrote. I was walking along the boardwalk of the harbour in my town when I saw a man in a tiny little Tugboat, that he had built. There was only enough room in the boat for him. As I was watching him having fun, sailing around the harbour in his little Tugboat, I thought of a story. Toby The Big Little Tugboat was born. The first of the books was sent off to the publishers a year later. Writing the story was the easy part. The difficult part was designing the characters and making the images for […]
Toby To The Rescue Cover

Toby To The Rescue

Toby To The Rescue Larry-Lorry the little truck has to go make a delivery in the City. It had been raining the night before and the rain had made the ground soft and muddy. Larry-Lorry gets stuck in the mud and cannot get free. Mr. Heavy calls Toby and Maggie to help. Can they try to get their friend free from being stuck in the mud? The lesson to be learned from this story is that one can accomplish anything if you work together as a team.. At the time of writing this book I had just finished chatting to a class of children about the importance of team work. It dawned on me that just like the class had to understand that working together as a team is sometimes the only way that things can get done. Just so all children need to learn this bit of information. That is why I wrote this book. If children can learn this important lesson at an early age then it might just make this world a better place.
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Just Do It! You Can’ Publish Your Own Book

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Should Bee Hotels Be Built?

Toby Learns a lesson Cover

Toby Learns A lesson

Toby Learns A Lesson Toby gets ready to go out into the vast ocean to go and fetch Maggie. What makes Toby scared is that not only is he going out to sea all by himself for the first time, but he has to go out at night. He asks Mr. Heavy who gives him some pretty good advice, but pretty soon finds himself in a lot of trouble because he did not listen to the advice. Will Toby find Maggie in the storm, and will he remember the advice that Mr. Heavy gave him. Possibly two of the most important things that any child will ever learn is to listen to good advice and to stay focused. That is the lesson that Toby Learns a Lesson teaches.I absolutely loved writing this story because of the simplicity of the lesson. “Once you know where you are going, keep your eye on the target and you will get to your destination.” A very powerful lesson indeed.

What Some Of Our Parents Say

Claude Teague

I have to tell you, my son Liam is mad about Toby and his friends. We have all four of the books and he now knows every detail of each story. The fact that Toby is a local is awesome because dad also goes to Cape Town on business sometimes, and he can say hello to Toby. Our last trip to Knysna was highlighted by the fact that we saw a little tug boat called 'Goliath', "Hey dad that must be Toby's little brother", was the comment from the back of the car. So from the Teague boys, a very big thank you Leo, for an awesome friend - Toby. Claude Teague

Cindey Ferreira

Joshua (age 6) says he likes the story, the fact that Toby was helpful and went out to help someone even though he's only little. He likes the way the pictures are done, he likes the colours! He says he learnt that you should never go out without an adult! Hannah (age 3) says she likes the pictures too! She really likes Toby and thinks he's a brave boat - but he should have listened the first time, then he would not have had a problem. Mom thinks it's a lovely story and written with the child in mind. The language is simple and age appropriate, the lessons real to life, and something all children, regardless of age, can take to heart. My children really enjoy this book, and "read" it to each other. The style of the book is also great, with a good, large, easy to read font, which is ideal for beginner readers too. The illustrations lend themselves to discussions, and over and above the life lesson to be learnt, the story has a lot of other information too. MikeGull helps a lot in this respect! I think that all the characters in the story have personality, and the children can relate to each one. Well done, Leo!! Your work is commendable, and you have made a mark on my children's lives, as I'm sure on many others too. I look forward to reading many more Toby stories with my children!! Cindey Ferreira